Free Product Idea: Global App Archive

NYPL is a place to go to and learn from others

There is something missing on the internet, but I can’t build it myself. Usually I would try to hack something together, but one of my 2018 goals is to not start any new side projects. Instead, I decided to publish my thoughts here, perhaps someone else will like this free product idea and build it!

Product Perspective

As a product manager, I often look at screens, user flows and websites with different lenses:

  • User experience (this on boarding flow was really frictionless)
  • App trends (it looks like adoption of password managers is increasing)
  • Design patterns (menu / navigation bars tend to be placed at the bottom more often)
  • UX copywriting (lots of improvements in CTA wording and expectation management)

When new patterns have broader adoption or when apps enjoy particular successes because of surprising design/UX decisions, I often try and talk about it with people around me. In a previous job we’d have a recurring product sync on Fridays, which I’d kick off with a round of showing interesting trends we’ve seen. It often was really inspiring to see what people brought into this meeting and how they connected that to bigger product development trends that shape the internet we use.

I believe that one of the core skills of a product manager is to be in touch with the pulse of the industry, be aware of market trends and understand why something works (or why not). That way we can learn from successes and failures we see around us, so we stand on the shoulders of giants and prevent ourselves from reinventing the wheel time and time again.

Something that is also incredibly valuable to watch is the evolution of apps or services (again, both in terms of product and design). We tend to forget that for a product or service to become as successful as they are today, often there have been hundreds or thousands of iterations based on the learnings a team made when working on their product.

I think this space deserves a product to cover something for these needs, so below I’ll try to describe this in more depth and even answer some Lean Canvas questions!

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Hyper-realistic 3D animated human-like creatures

Colliding heads, a still from an animation video

Ever since @marcohamersma pointed me to Going to the Store, I’m hooked on this kind of 3D art. I can’t explain why it’s so mesmerizing to me, as it makes many other people quite uncomfortable.

I was very happy to have found some more lately, and even more so to collect a bunch of those videos here to show you.

Here it is, a list of my favorite uncomfortable, hyper-realistic, human-like 3D animations. Be sure to check out the individual artists, because there is much more to be discovered that will keep you watching for a while longer!

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On attention management & owning your content

The internet became a terrible place. It seems that today we need to give our data, content and attention to others in order to receive a virtual form of social affirmation. This is my answer to that.

Attention as a currency

I don’t like this. I have trouble managing my attention and I noticed I started to develop several nervous habits. I am a child of the internet, a true early adopter. Hence I used to be an avid user of any services that had gained traction. It was interesting to see platforms rise to the liking of the crowds, but also to see them disappear again to be forgotten.

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Becoming a father a.k.a domain squatting starts early.

Landing page

Since a couple of months we’ve been anxious, excited and proud. A new human was about to be born, but most importantly; it would be our human.

We quickly learned that the old-school Dutch name “Teun” is a little complicated to pronounce for non-Dutch speakers. Luckily we could do something about that. Borrowing some code I’ve previously wrote on Music Hack Day projects, we’ve whipped up this little landing page to help people to learn how to pronounce his name.

Of course we’ve registered his name as a domain. So, a little landing page, a little domain, here’s to you little man:

The Media Manifesto (2007)

My early learnings as an online media consultant still seem valid. As the current market is changing at a maddening pace I thought it relevant to write a retrospect.

In 2007 I had my first job at a publisher, Techmedia. It was a small company (±6 people) and we worked with a network of freelancers to publish a young brand called Bright. We worked on a magazine, weblog, video podcast and even a TV show. I was really excited about the market we were in, traditional publishers were just starting to understand what was coming and we had the opportunity to alternate between these two worlds: online and traditional media. We were creating branded entertainment, sponsored stories and set up barters with similar outlets in the market.

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On diversity and the stories we’re being told

I’ve always been fascinated by stories and what they do with us. Our thoughts, our characters, our experiences. Stories shape who we are and who we’re becoming. I was really inspired by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who opened my eyes with her talked on the danger of a single story.

A single story emphasises on how we are different, rather than how we are similar.

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