Here’s what my life is about now:

(last updated April 22nd, 2018)

Am traveling in NYC and Boston for work now. I am struggling with the buzz of New York but I’m happy to be back here.


  • We’ve been living in Sweden now for eight months and it’s better than expected. We’re outside a lot and have became a lot more serious about our health. Work/life balance is in a state where I am much more comfortable with it.
  • I am training to run a sustained 5 kilometers. Life gets in the way often but there is progress. My goal is to be able to run to work in the morning (7.8 km).
  • Working at Spotify has been good. I am learning tons and pushing myself again to make sure I’m maxing out my learning capacity.


  • Being a parent is great, and I notice how I start to think more about the grand scheme of things. How will the world look like in 10 years? Can I do anything about that? How am I making impact?
  • Because of this I start to see how incredibly important inclusion and diversity is for our future. I want to get involved and do my part but haven’t found a good way yet.
  • I became a Pescetarian because eating meat is bad. The goal is to go vegetarian completely and this is my way of exploring the effects and repercussions of that.
  • Platform theory seems to be the new thing in Product Management, I’ve noticed how few people are comfortable talking about it. The complexity seems to be intimidating but I like it.
  • I’m trying to get out of my filter bubble more. Reading things about unfamiliar subjects, exploring the library at random. There is no immediate ROI but so far I’m enjoying it.

My 2018 goals

  • Join a Vipassana Meditation Retreat
  • Level-up my product management skillset
  • Learn Swedish
  • Run 10km comfortably
  • Become a vegetarian


Saw this over at Jeremiah’s personal website and copied it. The original idea is by Derek Sivers. Thanks!