Here’s what my life is about now:

(last updated January 2nd, 2019)

Back home in Sweden after a month of travel filled with mixed experiences.  I’m happy with the outlook of being home and being able to rely on the habits I’ve built last year. Need to revisit some of them, but the power of habits remains.


  • Although I have tried to get a few kilometers in whenever I had the chance, the unpredictability of life has been taxing on my running progress. I’m eager to get back on the road!
  • I feel like I’ve figured out how to grow in this phase of life and I’m planning to leverage it as much as possible. I’m reading a lot again and  planning to do more of it. Currently I’m finishing up “Radical Candor” and I’m planning to re-read “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy” directly after. Need to revisit to ensure things stick.


  • Being a parent is great, and I notice how I start to think more about the grand scheme of things. How will the world look like in 10 years? Can I do anything about that? How am I making impact? [Still top of mind]
  • I’m still not completely vegetarian but I’ve started to reduce my fish consumption now as well.
  • As I’m shaping up my influence / leadership skills, I am learning more about being direct and transparent and I’m getting really excited about improving my communication through it.
  • Teun has been doing some serious growing and it’s been incredibly rewarding to see him take little steps in becoming more independent. I’m trying to stimulate him as much as I can.

My 2019 goals

  • Become a senior product manager
  • Learn Swedish
  • Run a half marathon
  • Invest more time in meditation
  • Become a vegetarian

Saw this over at Jeremiah’s personal website and copied it. The original idea is by Derek Sivers. Thanks!