Hyper-realistic 3D animated human-like creatures

Colliding heads, a still from an animation video
A 3D animation video by Simon Christoph Krenn

Ever since @marcohamersma pointed me to Going to the Store, I’m hooked on this kind of 3D art. I can’t explain why it’s so mesmerizing to me, as it makes many other people quite uncomfortable.

I was very happy to have found some more lately, and even more so to collect a bunch of those videos here to show you.

Here it is, a list of my favorite uncomfortable, hyper-realistic, human-like 3D animations. Be sure to check out the individual artists, because there is much more to be discovered that will keep you watching for a while longer!

going to the store. (by dlew)

late for meeting (by dlew)

These videos caused quite a stir on the internet. Read more about dlew here.

In The Air Tonight Dance (by Erik Ferguson)

Cambrian Explosion (by Simon Christoph Krenn)

Parasitic endeavours (by Simon Christoph Krenn)

Hi Stranger (by Kirsten Lepore)

This one is rather special since it has quite a sophisiticated story as well. The directness and the emotional approach make it hard for some people to watch this and form an opinion if they thought it was good or not. I love that it pulls me in so much and after watching it I have only one question: what did it draw?!


By Roel

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