Seams – Quarters

When working in a great team you work with great people. Folks like Jami, who escalated his music hobby to a serious career next to his dayjob as product manager at SoundCloud. He recently released his first full length album called Quarters, which is a great listen.

Check out the music video for ‘Rilo’ here:

And listen to the full album here:

If you buy the full album at you’ll get an exclusive set of postcards showcasing the 4 locations where the album was made.

I think it’s incredibly inspiring but also comforting to see Jami release his music. He has done quite some shows and has kept steadily working on this, while also embracing the internet as a platform to distribute his work and engage with fans.
His album was released via an exclusive feature over at HypeMachine, he has been posting updates on his Tumblr and Facebook fanpage about the progress and when you buy the record you’ll get an exclusive addition which tells you a bit more about the back story of his work.

Not all musicians are this internet-savvy but it shows me that if you have the drive and can find the fans to feed that drive you can enable yourself to create great things. I’m sure this won’t be the last the internet will be seeing of Jami.

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