Good Reads: February 2013

Lately my (online) reading experience has been improved a lot, partly because of I noticed I was storing a lot of good articles for later use, but wanted to share these with people but at the same time keep a log of what I’ve been reading and what good stuff I came across.

To keep track of what inspired me or what I simply marked as “awesome”, I’m going to keep a log of interesting articles. I’m not set yet on a rythm for this, but here’s a first attempt.

  • Employees leave managers, not Companies – An eye-opening view on how managers affect their coworkers happiness in work life.
  • A short lesson in Perspective – An amazing read on things that matter in our lives, but in a context that I know: in the worlds of creative agencies, workaholics and self-deceit.
  • Holden Caulfield’s Goddam War – The background story on Catcher in the Rye: how J.D. Salinger kept the writings on his body while storming the beaches of Normandy. Truly inspiring, how an artists works changes by the changes of the artist itself.
  • Amen! (D’Angelo is Back) – The story of where D’Angelo has been for the last 11 years, and how he’s coming back. Quoting Angie Stone: “It’s not a little bit of God in him. It’s a lot of God in him. Sometimes when you have that much power, Satan works tenfold to break you.”
  • The Book that Changed my Life – I’ve been going through Aaron Schwartz’ blog since his passing, some articles are incredible. Here he writes about ‘Understanding Power’ by Noam Chomsky, how the book sheds a whole new perspective on the world and how it crushed him.
  • Why we took Cocain out of Soda – How Coca Cola used to be an “Intellectual Beverage” but was soon to become a problem by “The negroes of the South”.
  • The Indiepocalypse – We all know the music industry is broken, the Indiepocalypse is upon us. But how did that happen and is it possible for upcoming bands to become successful without signing to a big label?


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